In the upcoming provincial election, strategies for addressing poverty need to be part of the conversation.

Contact your election candidates to tell them that tackling poverty is a priority for Alberta.


Albertans are currently living in poverty

Alberta is known as a place of opportunity – a province defined by a strong sense of community, a drive to succeed, and a commitment to being the best at what we do. To keep our province strong we need to address the issue that 550,000 Albertans are currently living in poverty.

Economic downturns, job loss, rising cost of living and other factors can all pull people under. Poverty comes at a significant human and economic cost – it’s estimated that poverty currently costs Alberta at least $7.1 billion a year. It doesn’t have to be that way, though – there are steps we can take to address the causes of poverty and prevent more families from falling into poverty in the first place.
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Estimated costs of poverty to Alberta

In the upcoming provincial election, strategies for addressing poverty need to be part of the conversation. Contact your election candidates and tell them this is a priority for Alberta.


Addressing poverty is a big challenge. It can seem overwhelming, but like any complex problem, it gets easier to solve when it’s broken down into smaller pieces. Edmontonians have identified six areas where we can take action on poverty. Read more about these six game changers below.  

Livable Incomes

Full-time work should pay
enough to live on.

Affordable Housing

We all need a safe place to call home.

Access to Mental Health Services

The right support gets people
back on their feet.

Albertans shouldn’t have to choose between career and family.

Accessible & Affordable Transit

Public transit connects people to work, school, and opportunities.


Where you’re from should never limit where you’re going.

Information for Candidates

EndPovertyEdmonton is a community initiative working towards prosperity for all through advancing the game changers. Together, we can change the conversation on poverty and ensure every Edmontonian has the opportunity to thrive.

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Email Ideas

Here are some ideas for personalizing your letter:
  1. Introduce yourself (who you are, what you do, how long you’ve lived in your riding etc.)
  2. Through their research, End Poverty Edmonton has identified six areas where Alberta needs to im-prove in order to address poverty. Choose one or more of these areas that resonate with you and tell your candidate why you believe it’s important.
    • Livable incomes
    • Affordable housing
    • Access to mental health services
    • Affordable, accessible transit
    • Eliminating racism
    • Affordable and quality childcare

    Feel free to build on these ideas or add some of your own.
  3. If you have ideas about how the provincial government could help tackle these issues, share those ideas with your candidates.