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Mental illness can affect anyone – by the time they reach age 40, one in two Canadians either has, or has previously had, a mental illness. Alberta needs mental health services that everyone can afford to access.

Left untreated, mental illness has high costs, both personally and financially. Depression and anxiety alone cost Canada $50 billion a year in lost productivity. Untreated mental illness can sweep people into poverty by impairing their ability to work, and the constant stress of living in poverty can make mental illness worse, creating a vicious cycle.

That cycle is preventable. Treatment and support are effective at getting people back on their feet. Families, communities and the economy all benefit when Albertans get the resources they need to maintain their mental health.

We need our next government to help make more free or low-cost mental health services available. Contact your candidates to tell them you want to hear their solutions.

Access to Mental Health Services: Blake Loates
This week we spoke with Blake Loates, a mental health advocate, photographer, and founder of We All Believe in You, a local mental health peer support organization. To hear Blake’s perspective on the links between poverty, mental health services and the upcoming provincial election.
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