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Affordable &
Quality Childcare

All of us want the right start in life for our children. Early childhood is a crucial period for physical, social and intellectual development, and children need quality early care and education to support their growth and set them up for future success.

Many Alberta families rely on childcare services while parents work to support the family. To give all children in Alberta the same strong foundation, all parents in Alberta need access to quality childcare they can afford. When childcare is an option for everyone, it addresses poverty on two levels — it takes strain off of families’ budgets now, and helps prevent the cycle of poverty from continuing by making sure all children have a healthy environment in which to learn and grow.

We are all responsible for giving the next generation the best start we can. Contact your election candidates to tell them you want access to quality childcare for all Albertans.

Affordable & Quality Childcare: Nicki Dublenko
EndPovertyEdmonton sat down with Nicki this week to talk about why access to childcare is important, how it relates to tackling poverty, and what it would take to build a childcare system that truly meets families’ needs.
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