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In a healthy budget, housing costs shouldn’t take up more than 30% of a household’s gross income. A shortage of affordable housing options makes that easier said than done, though – about 60,000 Edmonton house-holds pay more for housing than they can afford.

Rent costs in Edmonton are 23.1% higher than the national average. When people can’t access housing they can afford, it’s harder to take care of other financial priorities or build savings for emergencies, which puts families at financial risk. Increasing the supply of affordable housing options would help more Albertans achieve financial stability and decrease their risk of being pulled into poverty.

Our next provincial government has a role to play in making affordable housing available. Contact your candidates to ask them how they plan to make that happen.

Affordable Housing: Cam McDonald
We spoke with Cam McDonald, Executive Director of the Right at Home Housing Society, about the need for more affordable housing in Edmonton and across Alberta. His organization owns and operates more than 500 affordable housing units across the city and has plans to build over 200 more, but he knows it’ll take a concerted effort between communities, governments and housing providers to really meet the need. To check out the highlights from our conversation with Cam, watch the video.
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