Affordable & Quality Childcare: Nicki Dublenko

For many Alberta families, childcare services are a necessity. But when it comes to childcare in Edmonton, there’s a serious gap between what’s needed and what’s available.

66% of the city’s licensed childcare facilities are already full to capacity and can only offer families a place on their wait lists. When spaces are available, they aren’t necessarily affordable – a median monthly cost of $885 per child puts quality childcare out of reach for many families, particularly those with low income. According to Nicki Dublenko, Chair of the Association of Early Childhood Educators of Alberta, our current system only has space for 25% of the children who need care.

EndPovertyEdmonton sat down with Nicki this week to talk about why access to childcare is important, how it relates to tackling poverty, and what it would take to build a childcare system that truly meets families’ needs. To hear what that system might look like and the steps we can take to get there, you can watch the highlights of our conversation with Nicki here.

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