Livable Incomes: Katy Ingraham

Edmonton’s living wage is calculated at $16.48 an hour. That’s what it takes for a four-person family, with both parents working full time, to stay afloat.

Most Albertans who live in poverty are working – many of them work two or three jobs to support themselves and their families. The recent increase to Alberta’s minimum wage was intended to help solve that issue, but putting it into practice has required adjustment from Alberta businesses.

This week we met with Katy Ingraham, co-owner of Cartago, a family-friendly neighbourhood pub in the Forest Heights area. As a small business owner in the restaurant industry, where budgets are tight and minimum wage is the norm, she understands the challenges around making the change. But she is also committed to paying her staff a wage that supports them, and wants the industry to look for solutions that allow other businesses to do the same.

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  1. Introduce yourself (who you are, what you do, how long you’ve lived in your riding etc.)
  2. Through their research, End Poverty Edmonton has identified six areas where Alberta needs to im-prove in order to address poverty. Choose one or more of these areas that resonate with you and tell your candidate why you believe it’s important.
    • Livable incomes
    • Affordable housing
    • Access to mental health services
    • Affordable, accessible transit
    • Eliminating racism
    • Affordable and quality childcare

    Feel free to build on these ideas or add some of your own.
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