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Public transit links people to opportunities — every day, more than 100,000 Edmontonians rely on it to get them to work, school, and anywhere else they need to go.

To pursue a career, get an education, or get involved in the community, people need a way to get around town. Effective, accessible public transit opens those doors for everyone. Alberta needs a public transit system that everyone can afford and that all of us can access, so that we’re all free to seize opportunities where we see them.

To get people where they need to go, transit needs to be an option for all Albertans. Contact your election candidates to tell them public transit needs to be a priority.

Accessible and Affordable Transit: Michael Walters
This week we spoke with Councillor Michael Walters, who represents Ward 10 on Edmonton’s city council and is a strong advocate for affordable public transit. Right now, he is representing Edmonton in discussions about developing a regional transit system across 13 municipalities in the region. To hear Councillor Walters’ perspective on how access to transit benefits Edmontonians, you can watch the video above
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